Grandma comes for a visit!

Yay!  We had an awesome time with my mum.  We rented a car for a few days to get to Masset, Port Clements and Queen Charlotte City.  The older I get, the more I’m able to admire her and see her as a remarkably courageous and loving woman.  For those of you who don’t know, she has only 5% of her vision (so she’s legally blind) and she is 77 years old.  She is a trooper to have come visit us in such a remote place, and she did it all on her own.  It was an epic journey.  And we also are short or space in our boat, but she was remarkably flexible in our mini space.  She says “We all have a choice in life, we can choose to say I can’t or we can choose to say I can.”  I’m glad you choose that you can, Mum.  Your example helps me choose to say I can too…  And I’m so grateful…

arriving in Masset from Prince Rupert


on North Beach between Masset and Tow Hill


walking with Grandma Reen on the beach


walking up Tow Hill
view of Rose Spit from the lookout at Tow Hill


not shy to ask for a helping hand


on the Golden Spruce Trail
mother and daughter farewells


Arrived in Haida Gwaii

on our way to the Spicer Islands

Just wanted to let you know that we have arrived at Haida Gwaii.  We made the trip across Hecate strait on Saturday, July 12th. Got up at 4am (Spicer Islands) to ensure we would arrive in daylight.  All was fine, wind was light, swells were nonexistent… A very comfortable trip.  We are now anchored in Bearskin bay in Queen Charlotte city, which isn’t really a city, population 944.  There is a laundromat though which is good since we haven’t done laundry since port McNeill, a loooong time ago.  The vibe up here is mixed…. I read the books “the golden spruce” and “the raven’s cry” prior to arriving and its left me with some different ideas of Haida culture… It might not have been as wonderful as all the nostalgic hype would have us believe….  It is beautiful here though and will likely seem more beautiful in the Gwaii Haanas park…  We plan to go to Masset  tomorrow with a rental car to pick up my mum, she flies in from Florida and will stay for a week.  After she returns home we will go south into the park and from there head offshore to Tofino.

Pete and the kids are fine.  Neli wishes we were going to the toys r us store more often.  Liam is enjoying fishing and rope work, including being responsible for launching the dinghy once we’re at anchor.  Pete is missing playing music at the church and I think he misses being able to work on sewing the puddlejumpbags…  We will likely have more time for that soon but in the meantime I think he wishes it could be happening now.  We left the suitcase drum set with Serge in Comox… We will be retrieving it when the boat is in Tofino :). He is enjoying his accordion though!

underway through Beaver Passage

I really miss friends and family….  This gypsy life is sometimes lonely….

Pretty awesome scenery though 🙂

fog bank near Skidegate Landing

…and we’re back!

So…  it’s been a while.

We had a good season in Victoria and have decided to keep sailing.  We cast off from our land life May 16th, spent some time in the Gulf Islands, had a haul out in Nanaimo, then went to Princess Louisa inlet, Comox, then the Copeland Islands on our way to Teakerne Arm.  Then it was on to Shoal Bay, East Thurlow Island, then Helmcken Island, then Port McNeill for a provisioning stop.  Then it was on to God’s Pocket to set off to cross Queen Charlotte Strait.  We made that trip yesterday and now we are anchored in Pruth Bay, Calvert Island.  We are currently en route to Haida Gwaii (formerly known as Queen Charlotte Islands).  We’ve a few dock jam opportunities along the way 🙂  Nel and I do more dancing than playing but Pete and Liam play a few instruments…  Fun times!!

I hope to add posts more frequently than once a year…

Cassel Lake, Teakerne Arm
Cassel Lake, Teakerne Arm