Big Dollar continued

Please remember that when Pete returned from fishing, his mind was on the fish he caught…  And it was calm, no waves or wind, so he was not putting much attention on how he secured the dinghy.  We feel quite strongly that the dinghy got away for this reason.  In those dark moments in the night when the dinghy was gone, (which also had Pete’s bag full of things like his wallet, credit cards, driver’s license, etc.) if someone where to ask, would you pay $50 to have it all back again, like it had never left?  We would have been so happy and  relieved.  This is what José did for us – he made it so all was as it was before…  And so, $50 is the value of Big Dollar in this case :).

This experience has invited us to realize how much we value our dinghy.  We are taking much better care of it now!!  And have also finally found a name, which we will soon have put on the transom: Big Dollar.



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