Playing catch up

Ahoy friends :). Wow, it’s been a little while…  I can see I’ve got some catching up to do….

We spent summer 2015 in Sidney, BC selling lots of Pete’s bags and generally enjoying the Gulf islands.  Captain Zinc payed a visit, that was at Port Sidney…



Liam played a lot of archery and did a few tournaments.IMG_20150726_164121

Neli and Liam enjoyed sailing camp, drama camp and horse camp.  And the bags did well at the YYJ car free day as well as at the Thursday night Sidney street market.  Later in the summer we got thinking about how Autumn plans would unfold…  At this point we were thinking I’d get RTT to San Diego and Pete and kids would meet me there.  That’s not quite what happened.  More on that next time 😉




Puddle Jump Bags



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