Adios San Diego


San Diego was comfortable.  Although the port authority is quite strict, regulating every boat’s anchoring activity, it was easy enough to get the various permits required for both the cruiser’s anchorage (A9) and the La Playa anchorage (closer to yacht services at Shelter Island).

First, some of the not so-fun-stuff:

Saying goodbye to Jocelyn.  Joss became a much beloved member of our crew and we were sad to see her go… It takes a very special person to join a family of 4 on a small sailboat for almost a month.  Joss, you are one of a kind and we love you!!!  Hopefully she’ll be able to join us again at some other point along the way…

Air pollution.  The A9 is close to the huge airport…  Major fumes were aggravating for us all but especially Liam and his environmentally induced asthma. We thought we’d be free of that after leaving the inner Harbour in Victoria… ahem.

The exchange rate.  Ouch. The Canadian dollar has been quite weak lately… this makes everything 30% more expensive.

The zoo.  Our hearts felt heavy after witnessing so many large, majestic wild animals in captivity… From the perspective of the animals, how is their experience any different from imprisonment?  I can’t see the difference…  Anyhoo…. Apparently it is impolite to frown upon the San Diego zoo too much.

On a happier note, some of the fun stuff included:

Legoland.  One thing about southern California is wow! (as Pete’s friend Wes pointed out) they really know theme parks!  Legoland was excellent and surprisingly not over the top!  Lots of fun there!!



Liam with a huge Lego guy
Liam with a huge Lego guy


Sunroad marina and visiting with Gramma Reen.  We stayed here while my mum (Gramma Reen) was visiting for 10 days.  Our new friends on s/v Mei Cheng were super fun and also the swimming pool and hot tub were definitely enjoyed!

Meeting and hanging out in the anchorages with our new friends on s/v Banyan.

Liam would say San Diego Games and Comics.  And meeting his new friend Scott, who seems to like Magic the Gathering as much as he does.

The playground and fountains at the county administration building.

Trader Joe’s.  Wow!!

Receiving mail and packages at Downwind marine.

Neli receiving a birthday present from her friend Jade
Neli receiving a birthday present from her friend Jade

On craigslist we got a small sailing dinghy, a Naples Sabot.  Super fun!!  It lives aft of the mast and forward of the dodger when we’re underway…  On deck there are now: a tandem kayak with 2 paddles, RIB dinghy, and sailing dinghy…  I think it will be hard to put any other craft up there..  although I should never say never 😉  [tried to post a photo but after 25 mins of trying I’m giving up]

Next stop: Mexico!