and now the dirty business of actually doing it

A year and a half ago we sold the 3 bedroom farmhouse on 24 acres in southeast Ontario, sold most of our possessions and traveled west.  Once in beautiful Victoria, BC we rented a furnished suite and begin boat hunting.  We decided on the gorgeous Riki Tiki Tavi located in Sidney, BC.  We moved aboard in August 2012.  We became members of the Bluewater Cruising Association, took many courses and have been busy getting organized to cast off from where we’ve been since mid October 2012.  The date is set = June 21.  And so now we get to the dirty business of actually doing it – sailing away and cruising the world.  We’re pretty nervous now…  and excited too 🙂

route planning
route planning

7 thoughts on “and now the dirty business of actually doing it”

  1. hello,
    so exciting for you all, though we are sad that we won’t get to know you better. and just so you know, we’ll be stalking you a little; following along with your adventures on these pages:) fair winds and following seas:)

  2. Well, I awoke this morning and I realised that you are now on the ‘briny ocean tossed ‘ and I’m [ahem] still in my bed! Anyway, it looks like a good day for sailing – hope you’ve got your sun block! Odyssey bass.

  3. I missed you by a few hours yesterday because I had to work unexpectedly. I’d hoped to see you off but will watch for photos & updates as I enjoy your grand adventures vicariously.

  4. Glad you are on your way to a great adventure.hope to see u on the water. MaryAnn..annie mac

  5. Wow congratulations, your situation is nearly identical to us in how you have gone about things except we are from Australia , anyway we have book marked your blog and will follow with great interest

    Regards Brett & jullie

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