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  1. Hi Sarah, Suze here. We met at the Hot springs in Bishops Bay. What a cool spot and I am hoping to hear more about your trip. I hope the open ocean is working out for the kids. 5 day rule! Enjoy and keep me in the loop.

    1. Thanks Suze!! and thanks again for the awesome halibut that you shared with us, delicious!!!! Turned out Pete caught a big pacific cod too so we were in yummy fish for a few days 🙂 lucky us!! hope we can cross paths again sometime!

  2. I love the pictures. So great Grandma who we just found out this Spring truly is a courageous and loving woman. I love her saying “we all have a choice in life, we can choose to say I can’t or we will choose to say I can”. That truly is her!

  3. Hi guys, This is the lone kayaker you met last July at Teakerne Provincial Park. You gave me advice on calculating tidal currents. I lost your card with your contact info, but remembered your boat’s name all the while. I read some of your blog-it is very interesting. Someday I would like to start coastal cruising! I am now planning another solo kayak trip, this time to Ketchikan. I did my first (kinda scary) solo expedition there two years ago, so this time I feel like a pro. Where are you now, and where are you headed?
    Al Stern, Magnolia, TX

  4. absolutely enjoyed the pictures and daily travel by sea experiences ,such a beautiful Family.I’m a friend of your Mom Doreen . Talked to her today, learned about this site .I fished out of Port Renfrew for two weeks , with a friend on a gill-netter and trawler I remember the in a dense fog the close sound of big ships horn is quite scary . I so envy your lifestyle. Peace and kind winds . John White ,Wabamun Alberta .

  5. Hi guys, Glad to hear you made it down the coast and are on your way. Wish you all the luck and happy sailing. Hope you will keep up your blog. Hugs to Liam and Neli, Regards, Paul and Judy

  6. Hey guys — great post! (Chris and Liz of s/v Espiritu here, still in the lagoon). Since there is still a predicted hurricane down south heading towards Cabo, we’re here for a couple of days at least. We may see family ashore for Thanksgiving (thursday) then leave at 0300 on either friday or saturday for a long day sail to Ensenada. Wondering what your plans are. Has your package arrived yet? Liz and Chris s/v Espiritu

    1. Hi!! Thanks :). We’re watching the hurricane development closely too… I feel relieved that we’re not that far south yet! We checked out with CPB yesterday so we’re thinking of heading to Ensenada this afternoon, possibly tomorrow… We don’t seem to be super committed to a timeline though… Yes, package has arrived. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Really hope to see you again soon 🙂 Sara + Crew

  7. Hi Sara! Annie here from SV Banyan. We are thinking of you guys and hoping that you are having / had? A good passage down. Let us know where you are! We are pulling into La Paz right now with plans to go south and over to the main land. We don’t want to miss seeing you guys before we go!
    You have my email and my cell I think and both work here.
    Annie, Cameron, Adelaide and Isa on SV Banyan.

  8. Hi Pete, Sarah, Liam and Nelly,

    Your website popped into my mind this morning so I’ve caught up on your adventure! The photos paint a picture of a lot of fun in a tropical paradise. Absolutely beautiful! I’m glad that you were able to get your tender back. My life turns pear-shaped when I misplace my keys! I hope that you’re all over your ‘sniffles’ and all so that you can enjoy your adventure. Take care for now,


  9. Hi Pete and family. I have been thinking of you so dearly and hope all is well. I was so sorry to hear about Pegi, she is now at Peace in Heaven. Gateway is so wonderful. I see Mark every Sunday and he asked me to say Hello and his best to you. Sure miss you Pate but we know you are having a wonderful adventure with your Family. What a most Beautiful Family. i love the photos. Your children will learn so much. Sending you God’s Blessings every day and my great love to you and your family, anxious to hear where you are. Take great care and you are in my prayers each day. Love you so much Jane

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