Grandma comes for a visit!

Yay!  We had an awesome time with my mum.  We rented a car for a few days to get to Masset, Port Clements and Queen Charlotte City.  The older I get, the more I’m able to admire her and see her as a remarkably courageous and loving woman.  For those of you who don’t know, she has only 5% of her vision (so she’s legally blind) and she is 77 years old.  She is a trooper to have come visit us in such a remote place, and she did it all on her own.  It was an epic journey.  And we also are short or space in our boat, but she was remarkably flexible in our mini space.  She says “We all have a choice in life, we can choose to say I can’t or we can choose to say I can.”  I’m glad you choose that you can, Mum.  Your example helps me choose to say I can too…  And I’m so grateful…

arriving in Masset from Prince Rupert


on North Beach between Masset and Tow Hill


walking with Grandma Reen on the beach


walking up Tow Hill
view of Rose Spit from the lookout at Tow Hill


not shy to ask for a helping hand


on the Golden Spruce Trail
mother and daughter farewells


7 thoughts on “Grandma comes for a visit!”

  1. These are stunning photos Sara. I am thrilled you had such a special time with your mom. What a life journey on so many levels. I love keeping up with the adventures and your honest bravery. Hugs from all of us!

    1. Thanks Criss :). I loved seeing your photos of you and your family on m/v Kodiac!! Hope your parents are enjoying the floating life! Hope to see you soon! Xo Sara

  2. Your Mom is a great role model for sure. So happy you were able to connect and share what you are doing with her. Wonderful pictures. Keep them coming. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Deb :). We love seeing your photos of your journey too!! Looks like you’re all having fun, what great memories you’re building with your granddaughters! Hope we can meet up in California or Mexico!! Hugs, RTT crew

  3. great pictures sara – your mum enjoyed the story you wrote about her and her visit.
    love to all bill & mum

  4. This is Rand, I flew from Prince Rupert to Masset with your mother and met you all on arrival. Your mother is truly a special person and I am glad to have met her and talk with her while we were waiting for the plane and while on the plane. actually just got off the phone with her, she said that she would call me when she got back to the states and she did. She did make quite an epic journey to meet up with you all and I’m really glad you all had a good time. Those memories are definitely things to cherish! I kept seeing your sailboat in the harbor in Queen Charlotte City and was hoping that you all were enjoying yourselves, and it’s nice to see the photos. Enjoy your journey, it was definitely nice to meet you all and I look forward to keeping in contact with your mother!

  5. It Is great to see Do hasn’t changed, she has always been a strong and positive women. Beautiful pictures , I am glad you guys had a great visit together.

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