Riki Tiki Tavi was built by Ray Summers in Mill Bay, BC and was launched in 2006.  She is sometimes called a Coast 36 and also a Passage 36.  Based on the Graeme Shannon/Bruce Roberts design (Coast 34) but extended by 2 feet, one on each side of the centre…
We were left extensive builders’ notes and have learned a lot from the meticulous care that was taken in her build and subsequent documentation.
Thanks Ray!!
Photos can be seen here
these photos were taken before our family of 4 moved aboard…  doesn’t quite look like this anymore…  maybe it could again someday though 🙂

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  1. Hi Riki Tiki Family! Here a message from The Netherlands (Europe). Nice site and Nice boat too. You have a 36 and I think that is very interesting. I have a 35 (written on a name plate inside the boat) and built by Marquis Marina BC. What are the specs of the 36? Or maybe I have to look further on your site.
    My boat has sailed in the Caribbean for years and then was transported to the Holland. His original name was Cold Feet and his original owner was a Canadian who sailed in the cold North part of Canada. I am the owner for almost one year now. I will join the owners site with a photo soon and had contact with Dough about this.

    I regularly visit your site. Thanks for this!

    Best regards and have a beautiful time with all the four of you!
    Frank De Clercq

    1. Thanks Frank! Really nice to hear from you. The Coast 34 owners group is excellent. We are happy to be a part of it. Thanks for your message, it gave us a push to get the link up so people can actually see some photos! And as it happens, I’m struggling to get word press to allow the mouse to click on the link to let the photo album to open in a new page… argh! So in the meantime people will have to copy and paste the link into a new tab of their browser… a bit of a pain… Anyway, we wish you all the best on Cold Feet. Do you have a website with some photos? Would like to see sometime 🙂 Fair winds to you, Sara of the RTT crew

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Family homesteading on a 36 foot sailboat.